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How do we earn?

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The detailed process of profit formation is a commercial secret of the ECTO FINANCE GROUP PTY LTD company. Thus, we can describe to public only the main points concerning our work on stock exchanges.

What is the general structure of our actions on the world’s stock exchanges?

There are 5 main business stages, which lead the company to a consistently positive result in trading, on condition of their successful and rigorous accomplishment:

1. Formation of working capital, calculated for a certain term of conducting transactions on certain stock exchanges. It is the basic stage, where the company's capital turnover is determined and formed and the potential cash flow is calculated.

2. Determination of the main directions for trading operations. At this stage, the company's trading experts professionally and efficiently select the best ways for investment efforts at the maximum possible commercial profit with the help of additional information sources from our international partners.

3. Marketing research and confirming analysis of future transactions. This stage involves the use of the skills and experience of company’s marketers and financiers, which determine the potential benefits and commercial viability of the executed transactions on a particular stock exchange. Discrete analysis methods are applied with reference to the real time change of stock quotes.

4. Realization of trading itself using certain trading tactics and strategies that are most suitable for conducting a certain transaction. The experience and trading skills of the company’s professional traders, specialized software and modern means of high-speed communication result in obtaining the desired goal with minimal risks.

5. Profit distribution between interested parties. In particular, payment of interest rates on investment plans as a guaranteed source of passive income for our third-party investors.

These five simple steps are the way towards success and stability, which generates confidence in our business and in the future at all stages of cooperation with the company.

Working with the largest stock exchanges in the world, such as NYSE, TSE, NASDAQ, SHANGHAI STOCK EXCHANGE, LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE, we constantly develop our financial presence and form new approaches to the process of generating steady profits for our investors.

Development as the art of living out dreams - this is how we see our future and the future of people who become our investors.

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