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Terms of Service

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Legal and financial services

Terms and conditions

General conditions.

  1. These Terms of Service (hereinafter Rules) establish the procedure for cooperation and partnership between Australian private company ECTO FINANCE GROUP PTY LTD (Number 618 197 381, FYSHWICK ACT 2609 (hereinafter “the company”) and the participant (hereinafter “the Client”) of the company investment program , which is based on the use of resources provided by the Company to Clients through the official website of the Company: (hereinafter “Website”). By accepting our Rules the Client and the Company confirm that they have fully agreed with the content of the Rules and their actions.
  2. Meaning and content of these Terms are not contrary to International Law.
  3. Registration and participation in the investment process of the Company are for the Clients who have attained the age of majority but under 18.
  4. The vendor registration process and the provision of the necessary personal information are the indispensable preconditions for becoming the Client of the Company.
  5. By registering for a personal account, the Client agrees to all items of these Terms.
  6. Any content and other intellectual property located on the website recognize as an exceptional intellectual property of the Company.
  7. The Company provides the informational and consulting services and does not play an effective role in guaranteeing for financial transactions. The Company is not an Insurer of these transactions.


  1. Any information which is represented and/or can be represented on the Website of the Company, also any opinions in verbal or writing form should not be seen as a call for any action. Its information can be perceived by the Client only in study form in accordance with the “as is” principle.
  2. Website content cannot be relied upon to carry out any investment commercial transactions. Website content of the Company could not examine as an advice and recommendations of insurance, fiscal or investment nature. Website content could not examine by the Client in the form of direct recommendation on investments. Also it could not be examined as the guarantee of transactions without financial loss. Under no circumstances the Company is not responsible for any economic losses and/or financial loss incurred by the Client using or non-using information and program resources of the Company website, or at the impossibility of using the website for reasons beyond the Company.
  3. The Company cannot guarantee that information from this Website is absolutely proper, complete or/and with expert confirmation made by a third party. Using any information located on the site, also in the investment process was being made through the Client at its sole discretion and with no consequences for the Company.
  4. The Company is authorized to suspend and to deny access to the website without notifying the Client if it is necessary to renew, to complement and to correct of any section of the website. In addition, its ending services could be caused by “force majeure” circumstances as a mechanical failure of means of transmitting information, malfunctions and disruptions in the transmission lines, power stations or/and electricity networks, software and/or mechanic disruptions, damage of hardware and program parts of the server, also hosters’ servers and internet providers of any side and other factors made as a result of natural phenomena, politic, economic or technological events due to natural or man-made disasters.
  5. Under no circumstances the Company is not responsible for any reasons that impede the use of company’s services, also is not responsible for any financial and other losses that the Client has as a result of events from the paragraph 4 in section “Disclaimer” of these Rules.

Client Responsibilities.

  1. When registering on a website of the Company, the Client is obliged to provide actual and truthful personal information for effective work and partnership with the Company.
  2. The Client is obliged to assist the Company when the law need arises.
  3. Respect and comply all Terms from these Rules.
  4. Be tolerant towards other Clients of the Company

Company Responsibilities.

  1. The Company undertakes to provide the Client with a personal account on the website.
  2. The Company undertakes to conduct financial operations on all investments of the Client.
  3. The Company undertakes to provide the Client with information conforming to there Rules about investment and security of investment process.
  4. The Company undertakes to retain personal information of the Client in complete privacy.
  5. The Company undertakes to provide the Client with the running website for actions relating to investment process, also for assistance from the Client support of the Company.
  6. The Company undertakes to make payments according to the Referral Program.


  1. Any investment should be regarded as a private transaction between the Company and the Client.
  2. The Client carries out all financial operations including investing at its sole discretion. The Client defines the size of investment, investment plan independently.
  3. The Client is entitled to receive an income which is added to the account balance depending on the chosen investment plan as a percentage of investment amounts. Treatment of interest accrual can depend on the conditions of the investment plan and cannot be challenged by the Client. Before starting to invest the Client has the obligation to carefully examine the investment conditions that is proposed in the investment proposals of the Company.
  4. The amount of income depends on interest rate which is depended in turn on the chosen by the Client the investment plan and the amount that the Client invested in it.
  5. The Client has the right to make a deposit for any number of investment plans offered by the Company. Also the Client has the right to make an unlimited number of deposits for the one investment plan.
  6. For investing you can use only those on-line payment systems that are allowed to the investment process by the Company at the time of this particular investment. All financial operations are made in USD with nominal value of on-line payment system through which the deposit was made by the Client or the referral of the Client.

Client Support of the Company.

  1. Every Client has a right to receive any additional information relating to the investment process by contacting the Client Support Centre of the Company.
  2. The Client is obliged to follow the instructions and recommendations received as response to a request by contacting with the Client Support Centre of the Company.
  3. The Client is obliged to comply with general rules of professional behavior with the Client Support Centre of the Company.

Company Notices.

  1. The Company has the right to notify the Client about information to customers, also notices relating to questions about advertising and/or the promotion of the investment program and website of the Company.
  2. The Company is entitled, but not obliged, to send letters and/or preventions in cases of violation of the Rules by the Client.
  3. The Company is entitled, but not obliged, to send letters about the account balance, also about transactions conducted with investment funds of the Client.
  4. The Company is entitled to send letters about news of the Company, notices about the establishment of new investment plans, about technical works on the website of the Company and any other letters about events that may impact on the partnership and investment process between the Company and the Client.


  1. Using of the SPAM technologies is categorically forbidden. The Client who is using SPAM-technologies would be excluded from the investment process by irreversible blocking of the account.
  2. The Company doesn’t use the SPAM-technologies.
  3. The Company cooperates with all responsible enforced agencies, governing the SPAM-technologies in the Internet. We provide information about the Client account for monitoring entities on law requirements if the Client is using the SPAM-technologies was proven.

Privacy policy.

  1. All provided information (but not only as e-mail address, telephone number, purse number and any other personal information) is kept confidential. The Company is making every effort to store personal information about the Company without an access of the third parties to it.
  2. The Company guarantees the Personal Information protection of the Company in strict confidentiality.
  3. The Company takes all reasonable measures to make inaccessible personal information for public use. For preventing the public use of personal information of the Clients the website is provided with a means of protection, transmission and encryption.

Final provisions.

  1. Any speech and/or opinions from the web-site of the company cannot or is not obliged to provide information for elimination of investment risks.
  2. All disputes which may arise, nut are not required to be the Parties resolve through the negotiating process.
  3. All paragraphs of these Rules and any content of the website must be observed as mentioned and have priorities in disputes.
  4. The Company is entitled to change these Rules, and also the contents of website sections without prior consultation and preventions.
  5. The Company is entitled to send letters in writing form about changing rules on the website.
  6. Any content changes of the website sections or changes in the cooperation conditions take effect upon the factual onset of such changes.
  7. The Client will be required to independently monitor the situation about changes on the Company website.
  8. Non-implementation and/or non-compliance (total or impartial) of these Rules could have the objective consequences that can not be subject of disputes and/or lawsuit in any jurisdiction.