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How to open a representative office?

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Legal and financial support


ECTO FINANCE GROUP PTY LTD pays particular attention to their business development in terms of the international presence of the company in various regions of the world. The main way to solve this issue for the company is the creation of wide net of their branches. Representative offices are providing further impetus to the company development and also improvement and implementation of new services. However the authority of company is growing the reputation of ECTO FINANCE GROUP PTY LTD is strengthened as the international investment and consulting holding.

And therefore the company management is doing whatever is necessary that the establishment if representative office in a country will be the most comfortable and convenient for the originator. In this case it’s for investors who feel the need to establish the representative office in their region.

We propose the sustained information and documentary support of our representatives, further trainings, holding of international training seminars. This is non-exhaustive list of events which are available for the representatives. We guarantee a continued contact with the representatives. We provide legal and financial support. This is the real questions that the company is ready to solve when opening the representative office at a country.


If you are confident in your leadership, if you feel that you can hold the international management and if you are ready to support team spirit and values of the ECTO FINANCE GROUP PTY LTD sincerely and responsibly you’ll send the request for the establishment of representative office of the company in your country. After careful considerations of the prosperity and commercial reasonableness of your proposal you’ll receive a package of documents that will serve as a basis of your activities as a general manager of the representative office in your region. All negotiations and consultations take place in writing form. We’ll check the estimated location of the office complies with the requirements or not. We’ll provide definite financial allocation for the establishment of the office.

In deciding to establish the representative office you could be confident that you get the help and support in full because we are concerned to make progress and prosperity of ECTO FINANCE GROUP PTY LTD.