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Rapid quotations growth from the group of foreign exchange derivatives

Dear investors! For your attention there is a short record about the situation in world stock exchange concerning the group of foreign exchange derivatives.Contrary to expectations of major players of international stock assets trading, according to extraordinary meeting of ECB, there has been no fundamental change in the monetary policy of...

Stock market situation

Dear investors! There is a summary record about fixed assets, which could be useful for our company.The recent strong focus is on the dynamics of short-term futures contracts which demonstrate increased volatility against the backdrop of the trading session in SHANGHAI STOCK EXCHANGE, LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE. At the same time as expected, pri...

New opportunities and perspectives

Dear visitors of our website! The management of the Australian financial-investment company ECTO FINANCE GROUP PTY LTD announces the launch of our on-line investment program aimed at increasing of influence of the company on business, also at making stable passive income for its investors.Using our investment program, new ways for making pr...