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ECTO club support

For investors and partners

What is ECTO CLUB? It is a community of like-minded people which are united by the common idea of investment, cohesion of opinions and having an experience of cooperation with the large international company.

ECTO FINANCE GROUP PTY LTD honors traditions and support the team spirit and the spirit of unity. We want to extrapolate these values to our clients. By becoming our partner you will find the mutual support, awareness, friendliness in EctoClub. There is no limits and indispensable conditions. That’s why it is so easy to enter into our Club.

By creating an investment in the company you become the Club number automatically. Moreover, there are substantial benefits for the EctoClub members. In this section, you can find information about events, promotions and other events for EctoClub members. By becoming a participant of Ecto Club you become a part of traditions of the Company receiving the additional benefits and priveleges.

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