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Affiliate program

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Six levels of earnings


Referral solutions aim to receive a certain status. The higher your status, the more available opportunities for active earnings.

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Personal volume up to: $ [[ vm.program.personal | money ]]
Structure volume up to: $ [[ vm.program.structure | money ]]
Commission for each level runs at, %:
Commission accounting: immediately
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Affiliate program

Comparison of a referral program

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$ [[ program.structure | money ]]
Reward by levels, %:
Charges: 24 hours promotion bonus is credited

Referral status is defined as the amount of private deposit into the company or as the amount of your referrals’ investments.

If you have made deposits from 25$ to 499$, your referral structure has invested summarily 5000$, you obtain the status COPPER and you can get 5% of investments from you’re the 1st level partners, 2% from you’re the 2nd level partners, and 1% from the 3rd level referrals of your referral structure.

For obtaining the status SILVER, you have made minimum deposits 500$ or your referral structure should have invested 5000$ and you can get 6% from the 1st level, 3% from the 2nd level, 3% from the 3rd level of the referral structure.

Status GOLD and PLATINUM is available if you have made deposits 3000$ for GOLD and 5000$ for PLATINUM or your referral structure has invested summarily 30000$ for GOLD status and 100000$ for PLATINUM status. Your referral reward will be charged on three levels of the referral structure. For the status GOLD you get 7%, 3%, 2% on three levels respectively, and for status PLATINUM you get 9%, 4%, 2% on three levels respectively.

For referral status PALLADIUM and DIAMOND there is a referral reward for five-level referral structure and that is the main difference with previous referral statuses.

Status PALLADIUM and DIAMOND is available if you have made private investments from 15000$ and 50000$ respectively or your referral structure has invested summarily 300000$ and 1000000$ respectively. Your referral reward will be charged on the five-level referral structure. For the status PALLADIUM – 10%, 5%, 3%, 1%, 1% on 5 levels respectively and for status DIAMOND – 11%,6%, 4%,2%,1% respectively.

By choosing your referral status, you choose the level of your active earnings in our investment program and you give yourself the best material conditions in the longest term.