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Ectotrust PTY

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About company

Financial independence

ECTO FINANCE GROUP PTY LTD is an Australian finance and investment company that started its activity more than five years ago. In 2017 the project was officially launched on the Internet, after the company’s radically revision of its approaches to application of funds as a financial tool to increase the company's profits and to expand its presence on the world’s stock exchanges.

Over the five years, the company traded on the largest stock exchanges, honing trading skills and getting the full range of necessary knowledge in the trading of securities, shares and derivatives. We realized that no theoretical knowledge can fully replace the experience of real business transactions.

That is why the personnel of our traders team was not changed for all five years. We have formed the company collective from the very beginning and from day to day increased the professionalism of our traders, marketers and experts in the field of trading in securities and other exchange-traded assets.

Comparative analysis of the efficiency level of our specialists guarantees the presence of the highest proficiency and qualification of our team, which is the fundamental factor in strengthening the position of ECTO FINANCE GROUP PTY LTD on the world securities market.

Our business principles remain unchanged since 2012:

  • Security of deals and transactions;
  • Guaranteed profit;
  • Professionalism and commercial integrity;
  • Expert level of trading;
  • Continuous development of acquired skills;
  • Fair-dealing and openness.

Every our deed complies with our vision of the values and goals that we aim to:

  • Faithfulness to the traditions;
  • Cooperation on equal terms;
  • Mutuality of interests;
  • Long-term cooperation.

Our online work opens new promising horizons for investors from any country, making cooperation with us affordable and profitable.

About company

Financial accounts

The monitoring department of our company collects information and analyzes financial market news every day. Working with investment capital is a huge responsibility and a great honor for us. Professionalism and proven algorithms of actions allow us to keep a high level of results, to level out the risks of high-yield transactions and to guarantee to our clients the specified percentages of profit.

Choosing the investment company ECTO FINANCE GROUP PTY LTD, you choose a team of professional managers, traders and specialists of international level.

Legal support of the company's work is remotely provided by a group of experienced lawyers from India, Israel and Eastern Europe. Integration of the latest IT technologies and outsourcing of employees allow the company to minimize the significant financial burden of business support and thereby optimize the process of making profit in the financial markets.

Under current Australian law, we will publish the annual financial statements of ECTO FINANCE GROUP PTY LTD in this section.

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